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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My First Love ~

my first love ... Herbalife Malaysia at Extravaganza Singapore 2012! :))
Let the pictures speak to you :)
Left : At Singapore Expo, Herbalife International Training Event
Right : At China Town, "jalan2 cari makan" lol.
At Marina Bay Sands. Just watched an awesome show. Hope I can come here again, someday. :D
Health Tips : Drink 3-4 litres of water a day okay? just like what i did above :p
At Zero-To-Hero 2 (2012) event, Masquerade Night Dinner with Gombak United Teammates.
At Herbalife-Opportunity-Meeting (HOM) Malacca .
In IIUM, "AED" = Architecture & Environmental Design. Just found this accidentally. EPIC :D
With my Herbalifers colleges-mates at Singapore :)
Herbalifers from Malaysia & Vietnam.
 Handsome. Handsomer. Handsomest. LOL.
This is my first love , I LOVE HERBALIFE FAMILY :)

"Dont judge my path, unless you've have walk my journey"
"For things to change, we first have to change"
"Be Teachable, Willing to work hard & smart"
"Fun, Simple & Magical"
"USE the Products properly, WEAR the Button & Brand, 
TALK to any people on Proper Daily Nutrition"

I'm now a Proud Herbalife International Independent Distributor & 
your Personal Wellness Coach.

I'm always ready to help you to lose / gain / maintain body weight & stay healthy.

Do YOU need my help?
Feel free to ASK ME HOW :)

FB/TW : azwanasyraf

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